Monday, December 2, 2013

Camping Tips- The Camp Toilet

Just got back from a very fun camping trip, and I was pretty proud of our camp bathroom.  Yes, it is quite simple... a bucket, some trash bags, a tarp, three tress, and a long rope.  I run the rope from the bottom left corner, and through the eyelet, around the tree to the other corner, up to the top, across in front of the bathroom area and tie off in the opposite corner.  This gives me a little coat rack to hang my gear on while I use the bathroom.  I also had a nice toilet paper holder with the sapling that grew in a good spot.  I have also just used a branch and stuck it in the ground before.  Probably a non traditional post here, but hopefully someone finds it useful.
The left photo is from camp.  Below is the view from the back window of my ground blind.

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